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digging for Fire

are you looking for the mother lode?

Second Prize
12 November 1982
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a clockwork orange, anastasia myskina, arguing, battle royale, beauty strikes, being very quiet, big brother is shit, big train, bill hicks, black books, bob dylan, bukowski, casino royale, catch 22, catherine tate, chess, chiaki kuriyama, chris morris, christopher brookmyre, christopher lee, cigs in the bath, contempt, contradicting myself, dead kennedys, disdain, disproving the scientific method, duke ellington, eddie izzard, evolution, eyes, father ted, film noir, finnegans wake, fire, free thinking, fzx, gary oldman, getting lost, happy mondays, harold pinter, heresy, hiding, hunter s thompson, husker du, iggy pop, indifference, interesting things, irreverance, irvine welsh, jean-paul sartre, jeff buckley, johnny cash, jon ronson, joy division, kayaking, keroac, kirlian photography, kubrick, kurt vonnegut, led zeppelin, leon, life experiments, liverpool, luc besson, making up, malcolm in the middle, manchester, maria sharapova, mark heap, marmite, mockery, morrissey, muse, not paying attention, papa lazarou, peepshow, peter kay, peter sellers, poker, pool, pseudo-intellectuals love 1984, psychology, radiohead, ramones, science, scorn, sex pistols, sleep, smoking, spaced, stealing unique livejournal interests, stephen fry, steve buscemi, stone roses, storms, tea, the clash, the dole, the independent, the libertines, the pixies, the pogues, the smiths, the specials, this and that, this life, toast, tom waits, torturing children, trainspotting, velvet underground, verve, willie mason, withnail and i, worldoflather